Vidwan Dr. Shri P.R. Venkatasubramanian popularly known as Keyboard Subbu is the disciple of the eminent Harikatha exponent late Needamangalam Sri Krishnamoorthy Bhagavathar. He has revolutionised Keyboard playing by bringing it into the field of classical music. He performed as an accompanying artiste to his Guru Needaamangalam Sri. Krishnamoorthy Bhaagavathar, from whom he learnt the finer intricacies of music. By the grace of Mahaperiyava of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, he emerged as an eminent Vaggeyakara (Lyricist  and  Music  Composer).

It would not be an exaggeration to say that his first composition was on His Holiness The Sage of Kanchi in the year 1990. His compositions were performed by various dance schools in the centenary celebration of This Great Saint. In the year 1996, he established ‘Jathiswaraalaya Academy’ for the cause of classical music. He functions as the Founder and Principal of this institution that is marching towards 25 years since its inception silently transforming young aspirants into accomplished artistes, choreographers and trainers. As a renowned composer of this day his compositions include more than 700 traditional padams, 152 dance ballets. His Lyrics and Music for Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival featuring various Indian classical music and dance forms cast a spellbinding impact on the audience. His dance productions are performed worldwide – Australia, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Honkong, Japan, Malaysia, Newzealand, Switzerland to name a few. Konnakkol is now-a-days a very rare field. This is a special kind of art of rendering the rhythmic syllables of mridangam and other Indian rhythm instruments. He learnt this rare and special art form from his Guru Needaamangalam Shri. Krishnamurthy Bhaagawathar, which he often uses for composing the dance numbers and jathis.

Some awards and titles of Guru Vidwan Dr. Shri P.R. Venkatasubramanian ji include:

‘Harmonia Chakravarthi’ by Thirumuruga Kripananda Variyar Swamigal

‘Vadhya kalapraveena’ by Kalaimamani Pithukuli Murugadas

‘Bharathakkavi’, ‘Isai Arasu’, ‘Natya Vadhya Visharada’, ‘Sathya Vadhya Vageya sundaram’

by several distinguished organizations